Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready To Start!

Hi friends!
wow, i havent written anything in a long time..
this summer has been pretty AWES!
i went to the philippines..
i went to vegas..
i went to palm springs (twice)
i hung out with family!
i hung out with ALL groups of friends!
i got PAC business in check..
(im glad i like being on PAC cab..haha)

this summer has been all kinds of FUN!

but, for me.. its been too long.
I am totally ready to start school.
(although i may regret this later..haha)

LAST summer weekend:
sat: SCPASA Board Games w/ cab && UFC 102!
sun: work, church, cab meeting && photoshoot!

then..back to business! :D

see you later friends!