Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i have the LONGEST break EVER!!!!!!!!!

like from 8:30am (because i finished the test really early) til 6pm!!!
thats almost TEN HOURS!!!!!!! WTH?!?!?

'tis all, bye friends!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

okay, so...

i dont miss the practicing.
but i do miss the people.

because, some of those people i got close to becuase of pcn.. and where am i going to see them now-a-days? idk..hahah but its all good. maybe ill see them all again eventually.. HHAHAHA
overall, PCN ended up being quite awes.. i got sad towards the end of the night because it was almost over.. hahaha but im still glad its over.. hahhah
and i really liked those notes that some of the suite coords made for their dancers..THANK YOU!
but yeah, still hope everyone sees everyone.

(if you go to LEVEL 3 for the PCN AFTER PARTY, you will see them again!!)


today, we went to the beach. it was cool, kind of windy.. but whatevs..
good talk time at jack in the box. hahaha
then it was time for game 2 of the playoffs..
lakers vs. jazz

2-0. =)

tis all.
GOODnight friends.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I AM...


well, im not like about to die kind of tired.. im more of, i need to catch up on sleep soon or im going to crash one of these days kind of tired. hahahah and now, im in my IS 310 class and i feel like just lying down on the floor and jsut going to sleep. hahahha but i will NOT do it because thats a little wierd, right??? okay thats all..

karate at 1pm-1:50pm.
???? 2pm-5:59pm.
pcn practice 6pm-FOREVER.

see you later friends!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

well spent...


first of all, i did NOT have work at 6am because we were closed! :D
so, we went to church at 11am. then we went to the beach for our annual family Easter gathering at Redondo. it was pretty awes. i LOVE hanging out with family! it never ceases to make me happy! at the beach, i ate KOREAN BBQ and RICE!!!!! it was AMAZING!!! like i kid you not, it was freakin' awesome! haha well yeah, we also got frozen bananas, churros, waffle cones, and rode tilt-a-whirl!! ohh the fun!! haha then we went to my uncles house and watched twitches. good movie! hahah then i tried to watch the game but my cousins wouldnt let me keep it on the channel. but its all good, the LAKERS WON!!! then, it was dinner time..sinigang, pork chops, spam musubi, and rice again.. haha..mMMMmm! then my little cousins started to JERK! hahah so they made all of us do it too.. so we had a JERKIN' party! it was quite interesting.. haha but yeah, that was my Easter sunday! for me, it was very well spent! =)


and now, its time to go back to studying and getting ready for my presentation tomorrow..
goodnight, bye for now friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lets go...


their game tonight was quite
the disappointment.
but its okay.
2 more games.
then its playoffs!

and btw,
are hilarious!

okay, bye.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

guesssss whaaaaat??

Hugh Jackman is freakin'

that's all.

and Kenneth says HI! :)
Dale also says hello =)
Lucio is waving
if you read this you are gay! -Rhea
you're gay!! - Donna
Have a good summer ! K.I.T. - Hugh Jackman

you know what...