Friday, February 27, 2009

show time!

So, i was bored and decided to catch up on ALL (or most) of the shows i've missed due to pcn practices.. Man, was i missing out on some really intense episodes.. hahah well, i mainly caught up on Greys, Scrubs, and Secret Life.. Good stuff! You should all watch these shows.. and while youre at it, watch Lost, Heroes, OTH, and GG.. those are all the mains.. okay ill probably be back later...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feeling of sick...haha

Ohh yeah, i forgot to tell you guys what im giving up for Lent..
This year, i am going to be giving up

(but not for the next 40days/40nights)

Alright, so at around 4:30ish Kyrstin and i went to pick up Zander because we were all going to the Ash Wednesday mass at Our Lady of Refuge. We though it was at 5pm, but really it was at 5:30pm.. so we were pretty early..we stood at the front of the church and it was a bit awkward.. haha so we just chilled in the car.. then Ed came and he chlled with us too.. Then we finally went in and sat in the church..The mass was EXTREMELY fast! i think it was because they just said everything, instead of singing everything i guess. it was still cool though.. Oh, and they also say different things, but thats cool too.. But yeah, i got to make my three wishes because it was my first time going into that i made my wishes (and im reallly hoping for those wishes) and yeah...Then i went to pcn practice..then phil, cyn and i checked out P3 really quick.. hahah its BLUE in there! hahaha but yeah, then we all went home..Thats all.. But, i cant exactly go to sleep yet, beucase im waiting for midnight to greet Gia and Vidal "happy birthday!!".. so ill be up for another 15 minutes..hahha but im going to stop now.. bfn friends!


Okay, so i told my karate teacher and he let me sit out. but i kind of wanted to do it, because we were learning kicks and it looked pretty intense. haha but yeah, after class, Kyrstin and i walked to her apartment.. the walk kind of made me feel better for some reason. then i ate a cup-of-noodles and that made me feel better too.. hopefully it keeps getting better.. (keeping my fingers crossed) Well anyways, i just wanted to update whoever was reading this.. im sure ill be back later to add more.. bfn friends!


So, im in my first class and my head hurts and i feel like throwing up! what the?!! whyy?? i dont know, but this is beyond the lameness! mannnnnnn! and i have karate after this..=/ Im still going to go to the class, but im going to ask if i can sit out or something becuase if i do all the stuff for that class, i might actually throw-up or faint or something...ehh, we'll see how it goes.. THIS SUCKS! Then after that class, i have to be at school for another 10000000hours because of pcn practice! yay!!! thats all, i felt like writing about it, so i did.. bye for now friends...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

today was GOOD TIMES

so, today i did NOT go to my bio class.
I thought since i went to every class so far,
while everyone else didn't, it was my turn!
But yeah, i still went to school earlier than
needed. But, its all good. Good times.. haha
On this "break" or whatever its called, jeff and i
played solitaire and OWNED! we tried going
for a 3peat, but failed. then we were on a mission
for "REDEMPTION!" said it at the SAME time!
"i like how you think!!"
"Yeah Son!!!"
"How you like them apples??"
"Ooohhh i think they like me!!"
Again Good Times!
Then, i went to class..
Not so much of the good times
happening in there..
But then after class, Lester, Kyrstin,
Hilgard (kuya) and i went to Pho America
and it was AWES!!
the pho was really good and it was a fun outing!
Then, Lester, Kyrstin, and I went to target.
It was a very interesting visit..
We each walked out with a pack of
Tech Decks!!
can you say AWESOME?!?
Then, we went to pcn practice..
but, it wasnt tooooo bad..
sure, i missed the Laker Game..
But they won and thats all that matters!
Anyways, we learned alot for PSI!
But then, i left to tap for tinik..
Then when the practice was over,
we gathered in our circle-type thing..
And for some reason, i did this wave/rollercoaster
version of "OOOONNNEEEE!!!"
and everyone did it..
that was prettty cool! haaha
then we body rolled away! haha
Then, as we walked to the cars, me and ajay
sang wonderful songs from HSM3!!
"it gonna be a night, to remember!"
"Take my hand, ill take the lead"

"wait, who's the girl??"


Monday, February 23, 2009

21st Birthday weekend celebration

thank YOU for another year!
thanks for ALL twentyone!!
(May i have many more to come)

Feb. 22, 2009: Hooters
(also celebrated at work,
but that will be added later)
I am now 21!!

Hooters was 100wings and more!
911 sauce = NOT very hot!
Most of my cousins were either at work,
away at school, or on the way back to town!
But its okay, we can celebrate again!
oh yeah, the LAKERS won their game!
I danced and flew like a bird!
Kuya Dj and Marie payed for the
whole dinner..
Feb. 21, 2009: Sea Food Town

Sea Food Town was ALOT of FOOD!
We have enough left overs to last
til my NEXT bday!
Lots of cousins were gone, but its okay!
leslie, aiza, rocel & jenna came too!
My Mom & Dad paid for the dinner!

Feb. 20, 2009: Joe's Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack was Crackin!
Lost of friends, lots of fun!
Green Crown, Green Hair, Green Drinks
Crabs, Saran Wrap, cake in face & LAKERS!
Everyone paid more than needed!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Starting off my 21st celebration!

CORRECTION from my last post...

First of all, i had an AWESOME night! Thank you to EVERYONE that came
and to everyone that wanted to come!! you guys are the best!
My correction: In my previous post, i pretty
much hated on Joe's Crab Shack..
BUT, it wasn't bad at all!!
it was actually,
pretty good!
The people there
ended up being friendly and
everything! MY friends are the BEST!
I apologize if i didn't really get to spend a lot
of time with everyone, i really tried my best, I'm sorry.
Thank you so much to the people that payed WAY more than
needed! i really appreciate it! and Thank you to the people that didn't
even eat or drink anything, but still gave money just in case the bill was short.
THANK YOU very much to CYNTHIA and KYRSTIN because they told me they'd
handle the bill and they so did! And, they did the GREATEST job ever!
THANK YOU very very much to EVERYONE! you ALL helped make
my birthday that much more AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU guys!! :)

MY FRIENDS over your friends ANY DAY! <3>

Friday, February 20, 2009


Such idiots managing that place!!!!

And im sorrrrry for all the crap with the minimum amount stuff...
they barely told me last night, because they're a bunch of ids!
so i apologize in advance for the hassle or whatever.
And if you decide not to go because of the whole
payment thing, its OKAY! dont worry about it!

so far, its looking like the BEST birthday ever!
yay me.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"There are two types of secrets:
those we keep from others and those we keep from ourselves."
-Frank Warren

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

" is what it is...we do what we do...TINIKLING!"

TINIK 2008

Today, as i was writing my lame PCN paper i remembered a lot of
my past PCN experiences! But the main thing i liked remembering was from my
second year's PCN. When i got to that part in the paper, all i wrote about was TINIKLING!
I started remembering everything we had to go through and do and all that stuff.
i remembered how i HATED it, but LOVED being in it. it was weird, i know!
so yeah, writing made me think about it and that's all. I'm glad i did tinik.
It was the BEST thing i was ever FORCED to do!