Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WE LOVE L.A.!!! (with visual aids)

Today, i went to the LAKER parade with Lay, Jen, and Brian. Jed, Nate, and some other guy met with up with us. Drew, Ant, Christine, George, and Hazzle were already there, but we could NOT get to them through the crowd. so we decided to wait til the gates open, rush in and everyone meet in the seats. our plan worked geniously!!! we all found eachother and were able to sit TOGETHER in some pretty AWES seats!!

This is Lay and Nate leading the way as we squeezed through the crowd!
Entering the Coliseum!! =)

Got to spend the day with 5&&7!
Bff && Bestfriend!
"we got that BOOM BOOM PAU!!"
nobody wanted to believe me that they played it in
the staple center for gasol.. geeez! hahaha

95,000 fans in the coliseum alone!
lovin all that purple & gold!
it really did remind us of why we LOVE this city so much!

"MVP!! MVP!! MVP!!"

The parade overall was pretty damn AMA-AWES-DEF!
yes, it was HOT! but we had a breeze roll by often.
and we got to see the LAKERS!!


(next june again?? well thats what we're hoping for!!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrating with Dignity??

So, there was a public service announcement with
Kobe, fisher, gasol, and phil jackson saying "celebrate with dignity"...

i think LA understood fully!

these people are quite the IDs!

so much for celebrating with "dignity!"

as long as that place looks nice again on wednesday, its all good!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


(my desktop image the whole season)
After a whole season of consistently having the lakers as my status and counting down the games needed to win to get the gold.. the LAKERS WIN!!

Finally, LA takes back the title! =)

its been 7 long years, but i guess it was worth the wait!!

future events:
Tuesday: Abby's Bday!

Wednesday: go to the LAKER parade downtown!

(i kicked-it with cyn, krys and the LB boys on friday... just kicked-it with my friends from Carson... going to see LB friends on tuesday... parade on wednesday...i think im doing pretty good on #2 & #11 and ive been reading my books, so add #3..oh, i havent gone on AIM, but im still on facebook haha but add #7 anyways.. and its all been FUN so go ahead and add #10 to that as well! thanks!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this summer..

This summer i am going to:

1. kick-it with my family
2. kick-it with my friends (every group)
finish ALL the books i've started, but stopped reading (or at least most)
catch-up on the tv-shows i've missed out on
5. go to the philippines
- go to boracay

- visit historical sites/museums to actually learn something over there
- kick-it with the family that i haven't seen in years
- go to shows and tv tapings (get on tv..haha)
6. go on some type of road trip
(because all of my groups of friends have said it, at least one group is bound to follow through.. hahah)
7. try NOT to go on the computer as much because its the main reason why i don't do anything else.
(well, i have to check my emails frequently, but other than that, ill try to cut in NOT AS MUCH facebook or aim because that's what i do most.but ill probably blog about how this plan is going from time to time or whenever i feel like it..and ill still do the twitter business because yeah, i want to. haha)
8. get started on this treasurer business
- learn how to fill-out all the paper work
- change the accounts into my name
- learn how to deal with all the banking issues
- get an idea of who our advisors are and the people that i have to frequently talk to
9. TRY to save some money
(its going to make it a little harder to do the next thing without it)
10. HAVE LOADS OF FUN! hahahah
(but hopefully alot of this fun is free..haha)

So, yeah...this is my plan for the summer. haha i don't know how well i'll actually do with this plan, but we'll see. HAHAH okay, ill see you guys later because thats also part of the plan (thats #2) haha..okay bye.

OHHH!!! one more thing..


(hopefully they schedule it before i leave)