Wednesday, September 30, 2009

im gettting super tired..

hi friends!

so, midterms started.
i had 2 today (5:30&7pm).
and another one tomorrow (8am).

my first midterm was calculus.
i think i did okaay on it, most def NOT an A!
but i think i did okaay. haha

my second midterm was finance.
there were all kinds of fails going on in that!
i dont think i did too well. haha

and now, i shall continue my studying.
thanks for reading..

im getting reallly tired because of everything thats going on!!
im not getting tired OF the things going on, im getting
tired because theres so much going on. hahah

okay bye.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i wonder how this years going to play out?

its been ONE week and im already busy..
and all my free time ends up going to PAC cab...
its not that im complaining, im just going to be TIRED.

thats all.