Sunday, March 29, 2009

great start..

This weekend was pretty AWES!
i actually got to see ALL (well most) of my friends (as in from every group)! started off with thursday's praaaaactice.. then on friday, it was nationals pre-lims in anaheim.. then i went to eat at Joes Crabschack with my family =) then i went to the very very end of uprising (as in it was over)..hahah but its okay.. it was still prettty fuun! then we went to dennys! on saturday, i went with Rox to help out with practice..then at night, i went to my friends' 21st bday party! it was quite eventful.. hahah and EVERYONE was there! haha okay anyways, today was nationals finals... the girls did pretty AWES! then we went to eat at Rainforest Cafe, but first the alumnis went to ESPN Zone and sat at the bar and watched the Laker game =/...(lets not talk about that.) but yeah..then i went to watch a movie with my mom, dad, and kuya dean.. we watched KNOWING.. it was pretty good. kinda weird, but still good..but yeah, that was my weekend.. i enjoyed it alot, but i am TIRED!!

now i must rest and get ready for SPRING BREAK!
but i doubt anything too exciting will happen, but we'll see! =)
okay bye for now friends!
see you this weeeek??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a few more weeks..


i WON'T have to go to practices.
i WON'T have to go to meetings.
i WON'T have to do all this crap.
until next year again..

But, even though i can't wait 'til its over, doesn't mean
i hate it. I'm just like this every year.
Don't worry, when its done, ill still miss it! haha

but i still cant wait until its over!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i must say one thing:

that's all. definitely not cool. haha
bigtime undeeded issues. totally not necessary.
but whatevs, its all good.

i still dont know which one is worse.

wth is wrong with people now-a-days?

okay goodnight..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stu-stu-stu-study time

So, i didnt go to pcn practice because i had to study for 2 tests that i have tomorrow. LAME, i know. but whatev. we had a mini-study session in the library on the 3rd floor..It was me and obrique at first, then cyn, phil and joey came.. we had a small party. hahaha then joey left. oh, and i got donuts from my pcn pal. Yes, i actually got something! haha anyways, me and obrique joined the online office hours thing.. it was basically a large online chat room. it was pretty cool, alot of question were answered i guess. but still not sure how i'll do on this test because i have to study for my other test also, so my time is split..whaaack.. but oh well, whatever happens, happens i suppose.. Okay, so we left like before 10 i think..And when i got home, i had a video conference with cyn, krys, and orland. hahaha goood times! "whos G??" hahahah And becuase Ajay tagged me in the HSM picture, i decided to listen to the soundtrack so thats what im doing now..haha but, i should probably get back to studying..
so, i shall talk to you later..goodnight friends! bye..

"we'll never ever ever never ever ever never ever ever forget"
(while doing the arm movements)

the laker game wasnt awes =/
but its all good.. LAKERS still own!
and they'll have their REDEMPION again!
haha..okay goodnight again..bye..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Test Time

Uhm... this is like romeo's post last week.
I woke up hellla early (as in 4am!) to study for my IS 310 exam..I tried to study for it last night, but instead i fell asleeep.. not cool, but its all good. anyways, i dont really know much for this class, which means i probably wont know much for the test. GREAT! ehhh, we'll see how it goes.. alright, i must get ready now..
"gettin ready get gettin ready"
see you later friends!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 (dont look at this website EVER!!)


So, Today during my break, we were talking about Tiff's feet. and somehow, we got into foot fetishes...and guessss whaaaaaaaaaaat??? there are websites
devoted to feeet!!! as in, EXTREME feeeet!!! like no joke... but yeah, we got a picture of her feet (her as in tiffany...she has 10 toes: 9 on her right foot, 1 on her left foot..JK) So yeah, that picture will be added soon..haha


to be continued...

Okay, so we got the picture.. but ill add it later..
im lazy to do all that stuff..but anyways,
LOS LAKERS (grosss) won their game against memphis..and yesss,
they still have the BEST record in the NBA! yeahh son! hahahha okay thats all,
i just thought i needed to add that because they needed that redemption!! haha
Okay, well earlier, Criselda, Jeff and I tagged some of our friends on this one
picture of different characteristics or whatever. hahha and most weren't
exactly accurate, but we enjoyed it. and if you were tagged,
we hope you enjoyed it as well..hhahahaha :)
we know you did!!
okay, i must now study for my IS 310 exam ..
so, goodnight friends!!!