Friday, October 23, 2009

THURSDAY (10/22)

alright, well yesterday was a pretty good day overall.
my 8am class was cancelled, my calc activity was okay, and me and kyrstin got a big serving of FREE yogurt! Then, i had my meeting with brett (PAC's SLD advisor) and that went well, even though i was totally lost at some of the Christmasfest information..but that was okay. Then, i had goodtimes at the IOS and had my weekly date with the BF! (and may i say, those are beyond AWES! cant wait for next week..) Then, it was time for the PAC meeting at 4pm. It was good and everyone seemed to be excited for fgames. (and the agenda was super cute..haha) Then after the, craig, daryl, and gametime went to ECS to print out 250 liability forms! that was alot of paper! haha Then, i hung out with cyn, craig, abby, and darryl for a good 5 minutes and i had to leave. I couldnt go to the Chi Delt's comedy night becuase it was CARSON's homecoming game and alumins usually go out. So, Aiza picked me up and we rolled to the game. BUT, for some reason (i blame the YOGURT) on the ride back to carson, my stomach started tripppin out.. like, i kid you not, it was going all kinds of CRAZY!! haha but i still went to the game, but felt horrible.. it was crazy hurting.. then it eventually went away after i got home.. but by then, i wasnt able to go to GNI..sorry! next time forsure!!! but it actually worked out, becuase after a little bit, my stomach kinda went crazyagain.. but i slept it off, and now im better! :)

BUT, i was home on a thursday night! i havent done that in forever!! but its okaay.. missing one night wont kill me.. haha it actually made me feel better! hahaha

(dont forget PACs fundraiser at Sweet Embellishments..MmMm!)