Sunday, April 12, 2009

well spent...


first of all, i did NOT have work at 6am because we were closed! :D
so, we went to church at 11am. then we went to the beach for our annual family Easter gathering at Redondo. it was pretty awes. i LOVE hanging out with family! it never ceases to make me happy! at the beach, i ate KOREAN BBQ and RICE!!!!! it was AMAZING!!! like i kid you not, it was freakin' awesome! haha well yeah, we also got frozen bananas, churros, waffle cones, and rode tilt-a-whirl!! ohh the fun!! haha then we went to my uncles house and watched twitches. good movie! hahah then i tried to watch the game but my cousins wouldnt let me keep it on the channel. but its all good, the LAKERS WON!!! then, it was dinner time..sinigang, pork chops, spam musubi, and rice again.. haha..mMMMmm! then my little cousins started to JERK! hahah so they made all of us do it too.. so we had a JERKIN' party! it was quite interesting.. haha but yeah, that was my Easter sunday! for me, it was very well spent! =)


and now, its time to go back to studying and getting ready for my presentation tomorrow..
goodnight, bye for now friends.

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