Friday, May 1, 2009


So, today we had to give our speeches for PAC Cab.
I was a bit nervous this whole day.haha
im running for treasurer. yes, i am running unopposed, but i still had to say a freakin' speech and go through UNLIMITED Q&A! and they wouldn't stop asking questions!! but whatever, i got through it. hahah now, we wait for voting next week. and then we wait for pac formal. yay! i need to get over 50% of votes, even though im the only candidate. we'll see what happens.
well anyways, after that FIVE hour meeting, some of us went to Melissa's (miss ex-president) place and played mad gabs (sp?) it was pretty fun!! it was glasses vs. no glasses. haha

PS. during this long ass meeting, the celtics vs. bulls game was on!! i cannot believe i didnt watch that game.. well at least i was being updated with the score and we caught the 3OT. INTENSE!!!
im saying CHICAGO ftw!! (well, for the series anwyays, because we all know they arent getting any further than that.. sorrrry!! hahahah)

but yeah, that was my day.
thanks for reading about it!
and if youre in PAC, please vote next week..
mon-wed in front of sbarro!

disneyland tomorrow??
most likely!! yay!

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