Monday, May 25, 2009

the semester is DONE SON!!!! (sorry if this is LONG)

Summer, you're finally here!

Okay, so this past weekend was quite eventful.
(sorry if this post is particularly long, but i havent written anything in a while and this is multiople days worth)

Thursday: May 21st, 2009
My LAST final of the semester!!
i probably didn't do so well on it, but whatever..its DONE! After my final, i hung out with George and Anthony for most of the day part. I miss hanging out with them! but its all good, because its summer and i get to see them all the time again! =) anyways, after our hang out session.. i went home to get ready for the evening festivities. The, lester came to pick me up with marc and we went to GT (Grand Terrace).
We waited there for a while then we all headed out for our "after finals celebration" at Joe's Sushi (ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT) (lester, marc, me, justin, joey, kyrstin, ray, abby, darry, jan, phil, kenneth, and victoria)
I would like to say i definitely got my money's worth! haha After stuffing our faces with sushi, some of us went bacj to GT. Joey and I left to go to the mansion, because we were going to the one nation club event.
(Me, joey, harmony, jan, marc, katrina, charles, mike, christy)
But, before the club event Me and joey had to stop by my friend's art show thing. Yup, me and joey made that night our "date"..HAHAH but yeah, we went to the art show thing and said hi to my friends. Then after like 10 minutes, we left and went to the club. haha The club was pretty fun! Me, joey, mike, and christy got drinks and took shots at the bar (because we can! haha) it was a good amount.. so there was dancing dancing...It was cool seeing friends from all groups..and i ALMOST lost my phone..but i FOUND it!
anyways, afterwards, we went back to GT because people were still there. i just went to sleep.. me, lester, and marc didnt leave til like 6:45am-ish.. hahah By then it was Hyun's birthday!!

Friday: May 22, 2009
HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY HYUN (ading aka SKY)!!
and HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY HAZZLE! (sorry, i couldnt go to her lounge thing)
It was my ading, Hyun's birthday today and we had a whole nights worth of events planned out for it! So, jan picked me up and we went to Long Beach Town Center to go play some Laser Tag.
(Hyun, Charmaine, Me, Kyrstin, Jan, Joey, Mike, Christy, Katrina, Phil, Darryl, Abby, Ed, Phil, Stuff)
I've never gone laser taggin' before, so it was pretty fun! We played 3 games, and may i say.. it was TIRING! we were all dripping sweat..hahah anyways, during the laser tag festivities..i somehow managed to drop my phone somewhere. (i know right! i might as well have lost it at the club) but yeah, i dropped it and whoever picked it up turned it off, so apparently they weren't planning on giving it back (BASTARDS!) so, since i practically lived off my phone (contacts, important dates, pictures, source of communtication!!!!!) i was pretty damn sad! hahah i actually cried over it.. yeah, it was gay but whatever man! haha after my whole sad/ANGRY moment.. i got over it.. We then proceeded witht he night's events and went to In 'N Out for dinner. more people came to join us there (J-alex and Collette)..After our lovely meal, we all headed over to the rooftops for the final event of the evening, the PARTY! haha This party was extremely eventful. Me and Cyn literally laughed for forever! hahaha good times! but yeah, stuff happened and that was that.. haha
hope your birthday was awesome ading!! =)

Saturday: May 23rd, 2009
okay, so new cab was required to attend p-grad and help set-up and serve and all that good stuff. we also had to wear black and white.. but whatevs.. i got to school around 8:30am-ish. we set-up and all that stuff. then it was time for the ceremony to begin. we stood in the back..anyways, there were quite a few people graduating, which makes me extremely sad, but extremely happy for them at the same time! (Joey, Abby, Jontan, Melissa, Robbie, Craig...these were the main ones for me) ZOMG!! when it was joey's turn to speak..he ended up crying, which made me freakin tear up (alot of other people teared up too).. great, thanks alot joey! hahah jk, its all good. but "its like i lost my phone again" haha but, hearing these people speak made me really sad, becuase they were done..well, some of them will be back for another semester, but some are DONE. and that means, i wont be seeing them as often as im used to =/...but its okay, because im pretty sure ill see you a good amount of times, hopefully! haha okay, so we served the food (which was super crazy!! haha) then i took pictures with everyone (me and sonny finally had our re-take photo shoot..haha thanks randy!) then, we cleaned-up and left. Some of us decided to go eat at M&M's soulfood. (Me, phil, lester, thiago, jan, justin, jessica, darryl, craig, randy, robbie, liezl)
All i ate was corn bread, but it was pretty good. Then, we all left. Me and phil headed out for Joey's grad party at his sister's house. It was fun being at his family party! haha there were prayers, eating (goood food), toasts, LAKERS, pictures, dog-signing, awesome banners (i still want one), laughing, sleeping, and looking through joey's memory book thing!! hahaha it was definately good times! Man Joey, why do you have to graduate on time? haha jk, im proud! as long as you dont disappear on us, its fine! haha
Okay so, after the game we left. Phil took me home and i knocked out! haaha
Oh and btw, i found out my cousin had her baby this night!! yay!!!!

Sunday: May 24h, 2009
i had work at 6am..yay me! hahha
then i went to church with my family.. then we ate at Onami! mMMMmm..
Then me and my brothers and marie went to costco and verizon..
Kuya Dean decided to buiy a laptop, so we went to best buy too.
Then Kuya DJ took us to watch Night at the Museum 2! it was awesome!! Thanks! haha
Then we went to visit my grandpa and then we went home.

And now, its now..
That was my weekend, thanks for reading! hahah

hey, guess what??
can we please go out and have loads of fun!!! TY!
this week are the real graduation ceremonies.. back to being sad on those days..
but for now, no school, no work (druing the week)...

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