Saturday, February 21, 2009

Starting off my 21st celebration!

CORRECTION from my last post...

First of all, i had an AWESOME night! Thank you to EVERYONE that came
and to everyone that wanted to come!! you guys are the best!
My correction: In my previous post, i pretty
much hated on Joe's Crab Shack..
BUT, it wasn't bad at all!!
it was actually,
pretty good!
The people there
ended up being friendly and
everything! MY friends are the BEST!
I apologize if i didn't really get to spend a lot
of time with everyone, i really tried my best, I'm sorry.
Thank you so much to the people that payed WAY more than
needed! i really appreciate it! and Thank you to the people that didn't
even eat or drink anything, but still gave money just in case the bill was short.
THANK YOU very much to CYNTHIA and KYRSTIN because they told me they'd
handle the bill and they so did! And, they did the GREATEST job ever!
THANK YOU very very much to EVERYONE! you ALL helped make
my birthday that much more AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU guys!! :)

MY FRIENDS over your friends ANY DAY! <3>

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