Tuesday, February 24, 2009

today was GOOD TIMES

so, today i did NOT go to my bio class.
I thought since i went to every class so far,
while everyone else didn't, it was my turn!
But yeah, i still went to school earlier than
needed. But, its all good. Good times.. haha
On this "break" or whatever its called, jeff and i
played solitaire and OWNED! we tried going
for a 3peat, but failed. then we were on a mission
for "REDEMPTION!" said it at the SAME time!
"i like how you think!!"
"Yeah Son!!!"
"How you like them apples??"
"Ooohhh i think they like me!!"
Again Good Times!
Then, i went to class..
Not so much of the good times
happening in there..
But then after class, Lester, Kyrstin,
Hilgard (kuya) and i went to Pho America
and it was AWES!!
the pho was really good and it was a fun outing!
Then, Lester, Kyrstin, and I went to target.
It was a very interesting visit..
We each walked out with a pack of
Tech Decks!!
can you say AWESOME?!?
Then, we went to pcn practice..
but, it wasnt tooooo bad..
sure, i missed the Laker Game..
But they won and thats all that matters!
Anyways, we learned alot for PSI!
But then, i left to tap for tinik..
Then when the practice was over,
we gathered in our circle-type thing..
And for some reason, i did this wave/rollercoaster
version of "OOOONNNEEEE!!!"
and everyone did it..
that was prettty cool! haaha
then we body rolled away! haha
Then, as we walked to the cars, me and ajay
sang wonderful songs from HSM3!!
"it gonna be a night, to remember!"
"Take my hand, ill take the lead"

"wait, who's the girl??"


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