Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FOOTFETHISEXTREME.com (dont look at this website EVER!!)


So, Today during my break, we were talking about Tiff's feet. and somehow, we got into foot fetishes...and guessss whaaaaaaaaaaat??? there are websites
devoted to feeet!!! as in, EXTREME feeeet!!! like no joke... but yeah, we got a picture of her feet (her as in tiffany...she has 10 toes: 9 on her right foot, 1 on her left foot..JK) So yeah, that picture will be added soon..haha


to be continued...

Okay, so we got the picture.. but ill add it later..
im lazy to do all that stuff..but anyways,
LOS LAKERS (grosss) won their game against memphis..and yesss,
they still have the BEST record in the NBA! yeahh son! hahahha okay thats all,
i just thought i needed to add that because they needed that redemption!! haha
Okay, well earlier, Criselda, Jeff and I tagged some of our friends on this one
picture of different characteristics or whatever. hahha and most weren't
exactly accurate, but we enjoyed it. and if you were tagged,
we hope you enjoyed it as well..hhahahaha :)
we know you did!!
okay, i must now study for my IS 310 exam ..
so, goodnight friends!!!


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