Sunday, March 29, 2009

great start..

This weekend was pretty AWES!
i actually got to see ALL (well most) of my friends (as in from every group)! started off with thursday's praaaaactice.. then on friday, it was nationals pre-lims in anaheim.. then i went to eat at Joes Crabschack with my family =) then i went to the very very end of uprising (as in it was over)..hahah but its okay.. it was still prettty fuun! then we went to dennys! on saturday, i went with Rox to help out with practice..then at night, i went to my friends' 21st bday party! it was quite eventful.. hahah and EVERYONE was there! haha okay anyways, today was nationals finals... the girls did pretty AWES! then we went to eat at Rainforest Cafe, but first the alumnis went to ESPN Zone and sat at the bar and watched the Laker game =/...(lets not talk about that.) but yeah..then i went to watch a movie with my mom, dad, and kuya dean.. we watched KNOWING.. it was pretty good. kinda weird, but still good..but yeah, that was my weekend.. i enjoyed it alot, but i am TIRED!!

now i must rest and get ready for SPRING BREAK!
but i doubt anything too exciting will happen, but we'll see! =)
okay bye for now friends!
see you this weeeek??

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