Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stu-stu-stu-study time

So, i didnt go to pcn practice because i had to study for 2 tests that i have tomorrow. LAME, i know. but whatev. we had a mini-study session in the library on the 3rd floor..It was me and obrique at first, then cyn, phil and joey came.. we had a small party. hahaha then joey left. oh, and i got donuts from my pcn pal. Yes, i actually got something! haha anyways, me and obrique joined the online office hours thing.. it was basically a large online chat room. it was pretty cool, alot of question were answered i guess. but still not sure how i'll do on this test because i have to study for my other test also, so my time is split..whaaack.. but oh well, whatever happens, happens i suppose.. Okay, so we left like before 10 i think..And when i got home, i had a video conference with cyn, krys, and orland. hahaha goood times! "whos G??" hahahah And becuase Ajay tagged me in the HSM picture, i decided to listen to the soundtrack so thats what im doing now..haha but, i should probably get back to studying..
so, i shall talk to you later..goodnight friends! bye..

"we'll never ever ever never ever ever never ever ever forget"
(while doing the arm movements)

the laker game wasnt awes =/
but its all good.. LAKERS still own!
and they'll have their REDEMPION again!
haha..okay goodnight again..bye..

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