Thursday, June 11, 2009

this summer..

This summer i am going to:

1. kick-it with my family
2. kick-it with my friends (every group)
finish ALL the books i've started, but stopped reading (or at least most)
catch-up on the tv-shows i've missed out on
5. go to the philippines
- go to boracay

- visit historical sites/museums to actually learn something over there
- kick-it with the family that i haven't seen in years
- go to shows and tv tapings (get on tv..haha)
6. go on some type of road trip
(because all of my groups of friends have said it, at least one group is bound to follow through.. hahah)
7. try NOT to go on the computer as much because its the main reason why i don't do anything else.
(well, i have to check my emails frequently, but other than that, ill try to cut in NOT AS MUCH facebook or aim because that's what i do most.but ill probably blog about how this plan is going from time to time or whenever i feel like it..and ill still do the twitter business because yeah, i want to. haha)
8. get started on this treasurer business
- learn how to fill-out all the paper work
- change the accounts into my name
- learn how to deal with all the banking issues
- get an idea of who our advisors are and the people that i have to frequently talk to
9. TRY to save some money
(its going to make it a little harder to do the next thing without it)
10. HAVE LOADS OF FUN! hahahah
(but hopefully alot of this fun is free..haha)

So, yeah...this is my plan for the summer. haha i don't know how well i'll actually do with this plan, but we'll see. HAHAH okay, ill see you guys later because thats also part of the plan (thats #2) haha..okay bye.

OHHH!!! one more thing..


(hopefully they schedule it before i leave)

1 comment:

  1. does #2 include me too?
    hopefully cuz i'm not gon be seeing you for like half the summer