Sunday, June 14, 2009


(my desktop image the whole season)
After a whole season of consistently having the lakers as my status and counting down the games needed to win to get the gold.. the LAKERS WIN!!

Finally, LA takes back the title! =)

its been 7 long years, but i guess it was worth the wait!!

future events:
Tuesday: Abby's Bday!

Wednesday: go to the LAKER parade downtown!

(i kicked-it with cyn, krys and the LB boys on friday... just kicked-it with my friends from Carson... going to see LB friends on tuesday... parade on wednesday...i think im doing pretty good on #2 & #11 and ive been reading my books, so add #3..oh, i havent gone on AIM, but im still on facebook haha but add #7 anyways.. and its all been FUN so go ahead and add #10 to that as well! thanks!)

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