Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WE LOVE L.A.!!! (with visual aids)

Today, i went to the LAKER parade with Lay, Jen, and Brian. Jed, Nate, and some other guy met with up with us. Drew, Ant, Christine, George, and Hazzle were already there, but we could NOT get to them through the crowd. so we decided to wait til the gates open, rush in and everyone meet in the seats. our plan worked geniously!!! we all found eachother and were able to sit TOGETHER in some pretty AWES seats!!

This is Lay and Nate leading the way as we squeezed through the crowd!
Entering the Coliseum!! =)

Got to spend the day with 5&&7!
Bff && Bestfriend!
"we got that BOOM BOOM PAU!!"
nobody wanted to believe me that they played it in
the staple center for gasol.. geeez! hahaha

95,000 fans in the coliseum alone!
lovin all that purple & gold!
it really did remind us of why we LOVE this city so much!

"MVP!! MVP!! MVP!!"

The parade overall was pretty damn AMA-AWES-DEF!
yes, it was HOT! but we had a breeze roll by often.
and we got to see the LAKERS!!


(next june again?? well thats what we're hoping for!!)

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  1. DONNA! i didnt knoe u had an effing blog! awesome. dude. im gonna read ur life like, from now on. awesome. miss u btw..leave us again one more time..see wat happens..